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Company Profile
Tek USA Electronic Inc, a subsidiary of Tekhydro Ltd locate at Beijing China., is founded in 2009 in Bay Area, California, United States. We are global exclusive agent of Applied  Concepts Inc's equipment (Stalker SVR). Our company has a long-term engagement in the export of hydrological and environmental monitoring instruments.  Our team can provide users with equipment selection, software development, system integration, system maintenance, a full range of technical support. We two main business units: Environmental Instruments and Systems Integration Division.

The main products are:

Stalker's New Pro II Surface Velocity Radar (SVR)

Stalker SVR Sensor

 U.S. OceanScience company ADCP for measuring flow vessels;
Measurement Technology Ltd, Switzerland Coral DCX-22 automatic water level gauge and the GSM-2 remote data transmission apparatus
Doppler flow meter company in Australia unidate
System Integration Division is responsible for the secondary development of imported equipment, equipment interfaces, system integration, the Chinese application software development, equipment maintenance. Engaged in major projects include:
ORBCOMM satellite transmission based on the Yellow River source region of water resources monitoring system;
Tibet Compass satellite transmission based on hydrological telemetry system;
GPRS wireless communications based on the Pearl River salinity telemetry system;
Zigbee-based wireless communication Tanggu port area of the Bohai oil tide monitoring system;
Based maritime satellite, GSM, TCP / IP, PSTN regime in Haihe River Basin Integrated Communication System;
Based on long-term transmission fiber and Mentougou RS485 automatic monitoring system of groundwater mining.


U.S. Global Water's full line of environmental monitoring instruments:
U.S. Waterlog hydrological monitoring water level with high precision constant current bubble, radar level gauge;
U.S. DCC bubble water level environmental monitoring company;
U.S. Automata with bubble water level groundwater monitoring company;
American Stalker SVR radio current meter;
U.S. TRDI company ADCP;

Tek USA Electronic Inc